Days to fly your flag

Every patriotic person wishes to display their flag everyday, but it is especially important that the flag be displayed on certain holidays, dates of state admission, and days declared by the President. Here is a list of these days, including when the flag should be flown at half staff.

Days to fly the U.S. Flag
Holiday Date Half Staff
New Year’s Day January 1st
Georgia January 2nd
Alaska January 3rd
Utah January 4th
New Mexico January 6th
Connecticut January 9th
New Year’s Day January 1st
Inauguration Day January 20th
Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday 3rd Monday in January
Michigan January 26th
Kansas January 29th
Massachusetts February 6th
Oregon February 14th
Arizona February 14th
Washington’s birthday 3rd Monday in February
Nebraska March 1st
Florida March 3rd
Vermont March 4th
Maine March 15th
Easter Sunday First Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21
Maryland April 28th
Louisiana April 30th
Minnesota May 11th
Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May
Peace Officer’s Memorial Day May 15th Half-staff
Armed Forces Day 3rd Saturday in May
Memorial Day Last Monday in May Half-staff until noon
South Carolina May 23rd
Rhode Island May 29th
Wisconsin May 29th
Kentucky June 1st
Tennessee June 1st
Flag Day June 14th
Arkansas June 15th
Father’s Day 3rd Sunday in June
West Virginia June 20th
New Hampshire June 21st
Virginia June 25th
Idaho July 3rd
Independence Day July 4th
Wyoming July 10th
New York July 26th
Korean War Veteran’s Day July 27th Half-staff
Colorado August 1st
Missouri August 10th
Hawaii August 21st
Labor September 1st
California September 9th
Patriot Day September 11th Half-staff
Constitution Day September 17th
Gold Star Mother’s Day September 18th
Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
Navy Day October 27th
Nevada October 31st
North Dakota November 2nd
South Dakota November 2nd
National Election Day November 4th
Montana November 8th
Marine Corps Day November 10th
Veteran’s Day November 11th
Washington November 11th
Oklahoma November 16th
North Carolina November 21st
Illinois December 3rd
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 7th Half-staff
Delaware December 7th
Mississippi December 10th
Indiana December 11th
Pennsylvania December 12th
Alabama December 14th
New Jersey December 14th
Christmas Day December 25th
Iowa December 28th
Texas December 29th

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